Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons

All our instructors are also CPR/First Aid, and water rescue trained!

SUP Level 1

Beginner; Protected Flat Water

(1 to 8 students)

This lesson is taught by an ASI or ACA certified instructor with a minumum of 3 years of paddling experience. This Level 1 lesson is offered as a private lesson or a group lesson for up to 8 paddlers. Choose this lesson if this will be your first time on a stand up paddleboard, or if you have paddled some but have never had a lesson previously. You will learn everything you need to know to get started enjoying the water on a paddleboard. Safety, fun, and beginner skills are the focus of this lesson. We schedule this lesson when winds are at most 5 mph and when tidal currents are not running too fast.  

SUP Level 3 

Paddle Stroke Coaching

Advanced Skills  

(1 student)

This lesson is taught by an instructor with at least 5 years of paddling experience, and who is a competitive paddler.  The Level 2 Paddle Stroke lesson is for you if you have been paddling for any length of time and may be unsure of your technique. Paddling with proper form through all phases of the stroke greatly improves paddling efficiency and may even prevent injury to shoulders and spine. We begin by recording a few minutes of video as you paddle back and forth. After reviewing the video for paddle stroke errors, we hit the water for remedial drills. We follow up with an "after" video so you can compare the difference in your stroke. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you don't finish paddling better, stronger and faster, you get your money back! This lesson is scheduled when there is zero wind to at most 5 mph. 

SUP Level 2 

Exposed Water

(1 to 3 students)

This lesson is taught by an instructor with at least 3 years of paddling experience. The Level 2 Exposed Water lesson takes what you learned in a Level 1 Flatwater lesson and applies it to conditions that include wind chop, swell, currents, stronger winds, and shorebreak. If you will be launching and landing a SUP on an open beach and entering open water, this is for you. While we don't cover surfing a SUP in this lesson, the skills you learn here are necessary to advance to SUP surfing lessons. Because students in this lesson have already gained some paddling experience, we schedule this lesson when the winds are up to 12 miles per hour and there may be stronger currents. 

SUP Level 3 

SUP Surfing

(Beginner to Intermediate)

1-2 Students 

This lesson is taught by an instructor with at least 5 years of SUP surfing experience. The lesson includes 3 hours of on and off water instruction and may include video analysis depending on your skill level. Video analysis by a professional competitive athlete is an optional and added fee to your lesson. Taking a lesson will shorten the learning curve, help you prevent mistakes that can result in injury, and make you a safer SUP surfer around others. Most of all, it will make the learning experience more fun!  Ready to focus on your skill progression in a tropical paradise? We partner with BlueZone SUP in Costa Rica to bring you to a week-long all inclusive SUP surf skills camp, an experience that you will never forget!  There, you will have a chance to get coached in person by professional SUP racer and elite SUP surfer, Chase Kosterlitz! A portion of your lesson fee is deducted if you sign up for SUP camp!  Check out these videos by Chase at Blue Zone SUP and then come and take a lesson with us! We'll get you ready for a Costa Rica trip! 

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Located at the previous location of Kayak Horizons!

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