We are happy to provide our equipment and services to school groups who visit Morro Bay for kayaking or paddleboarding. We offer discounted rental rates to school groups. Any group of 10 or more participants must book in advance. Please visit the FAQ box below to obtain all the information that you need to plan your visit to Morro Bay's harbor and paddle with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many student guests can come in a group visit?

Morro Bay Paddlesports can accommodate groups of up to 50 guests. We are concerned first and foremost with safety. For this reason, we ask that groups have a ratio of 1 adult for every 8 students. Each adult must be competent and confident on and in the water and must be physically capable of assisting a student in distress on the water. This means that if there will be 32 students on an outing, there will need to be at least four adult chaperones/leaders. We can provide guides in the event you are short leaders.

What type of kayaks do you use for rentals?

We use single and double kayaks made by Crescent Kayaks. These are recreational kayaks but are designed for better performance than the typical rental kayak. The single kayak is good for a smaller/lighter paddler, and the double can be used by larger paddlers or tandem paddlers. We use sit-on-top style kayaks to make self rescue easier.

What time of day is best for planning a large group outing?

Generally, we prefer to schedule large groups during the morning hours due to wind conditions that are often present in the afternoons. We also prefer to have large groups launch at higher rather than low tide conditions for several reasons. We can take our first large group as early as 9 AM. Another factor that can often be very important to consider is the speed of the tidal current. Very strong currents can cause problems for younger, weaker paddlers. Please check in advance of planning your outing so that everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible.

What do students need to bring when they come kayaking?

There is very little that guests need to bring. In case someone tips and falls in the water, it is not a bad idea to have a towel and a change of clothes. That's about all. Clothing is best left in your vehicle if possible. We do have storage bins on site for belongings if needed. We do not have lockers at this time. We do ask guests to leave valuables, cameras, phones etc. behind.

Can large groups choose to go out on paddleboards?

Yes, but there are a few more constraints on paddleboards for groups. Please call for information.

How long do large groups get to stay on the water during an outing?

Large groups are booked for two hours. Check in and orientation takes about 30 minutes from arrival to launch time. Your group will have 1 1/2 hours on the water. In our experience with hundreds of large groups, this is sufficient.

Do guests wear life vests on kayaks and paddleboards?

Absolutely everyone will have a life vest on prior to getting on the water. We use high quality NRS low profile vests for kayakers and zip up universal low profile vests for stand up paddlers. We have childrens' and youth vests as well. We require all paddlers to keep the vest on as long as they are on the water.

What is the youngest age allowed for children paddling their own kayak?

In our experience of working with thousands of guests on the water on both paddleboards and kayaks, we feel the youngest age to be 10 years old. We make exceptions sometimes based on individual skill, strength and coordination, as well as on wind and tidal conditions. Younger children can paddle in a tandem kayak with an older child or adult.