Paddleboard Rentals

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental, Individuals

$25- 1 hour
$35- 2 hours

Our stand up paddleboard rentals can be booked in advance or booked on a walk-up basis. Most of our walk up renters will launch from the dock at our main location. All renters must be able to swim, with a minimum age of 10 years old to paddle solo on a SUP. Exceptions to this may be made according to weather conditions and physical ability of the child. All renters stay within the protected flat water area of the harbor only. No open ocean or surf rentals allowed at this time.  Renters receive lots of instruction prior to launch. It's easy and fun for all ages!  

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental, Groups

(up to 12 paddlers)

Call for pricing.

We can accomodate a group of 12 for stand up paddle rentals when booked in advance.  Groups may be launched from our dock at our main location, or launched from the beach inside the harbor. Participants must be able to swim. Prior to hitting the water, land based instruction is provided. This is a popular outing for family, school, and work groups! 

Located at the previous location of Kayak Horizons!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best time to try stand up paddleboarding?

If it's your first time, it's usually calmest in the morning hours. Morro Bay frequently has wind that exceeds 10 mph in the afternoon hours, which can make paddleboarding too difficult for beginners.

What should I wear?

Try layering in clothing made of polyester, nylon, spandex or other synthetics. Cotton will soak up water and won't dry quickly. Think of wearing what you would wear if you were going to the gym for yoga, or going for a jog. A light windbreaker is a good idea too. Ideally, a short wetsuit during Spring and Summer months and a full suit during Winter can be used.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! As long as the following apply:

  1. YOU have tried paddleboarding before taking your dog.
  2. This is not the first time the dog has been at/in/on the water.
  3. The dog is 20 lbs or less.
  4. Your dog has a flotation vest with a hand strap and a leash ring/loop.
  5. Your dog is relaxed while on the board, you are in full control of the dog and are capable of retrieving the dog from the water and placing it back on the board.
  6. You agree to take responsibility for damage to the SUP caused by the dog.

Should I take my phone?

Sure... if you have a dry case and a way to keep it afloat if you drop it! We rent and sell dry bags from our shop if you don't have one. It's great to be able to take photos of your outing!

Why do kids need to be 10 years old to paddle a board solo?

In our experience of renting equipment to a wide range of people over the course of five years, children who are younger than 10 frequently lack sufficient physical strength and coordination to paddle. This makes it difficult for kids to keep up with other members which leads to frustration. If conditions are ideal, with zero wind or strong tidal current, we sometimes make exceptions to this minimum age rule. We want everyone to have a successful, safe, and fun time on the water! Children who are younger than 10 but want to be on their own board may be assisted using a leash tow if the adult paddler has experience prior.

Can I rent a paddleboard if I have never done it before?

Sure thing! It's easy with the amount of instruction that we provide before launching you! You'll learn all the necessary basic things about getting on and off, maintaining stability, and how to paddle, turn, and stop the board.

What types of paddleboarding equipment do you rent?

Over the course of five years of renting boards, we have determined the best size and shape of rentals boards for our renters. We use SUP's that are at least 11'6 in length and at least 33" wide. We rent all-around cruisers to beginners, but if you are an experienced paddler you can request a faster touring or even a race board. Our rental SUP's are made by POP Paddleboards. Our rental paddles are the best rental products available and are made by Quickblade. The reason we offer the best paddles for our renters is to give the best paddling experience possible. The paddles are high quality carbon fiber or hybrid blend paddles to make paddling easy and comfortable. Our high end rental boards are the Infinity Blackfish, Whiplash, Jimmy Lewis M12-6 for downwind paddling, and we have the 12'6 Javelin by Naish for very skilled paddlers.