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Guided Nature Tour


Certified California Naturalist!

Our Guided Nature Tour has become a very popular menu item because it's great for first time paddlers, while being super fun and educational all at the same time! Morro Bay's protected harbor is home to so many different types of animals and marine algae. Most of what is out there is UNDER the water, so it may seem like there might not be anything more than the shore birds, sea otters, harbor seals and sea lions. Marine life in Morro Bay's harbor can be found in defined habitats or communities such as the intertidal rocky shoreline, shallow sandy bottom, deep water sandy bottom, mudflats and sandy shoreline. There is so much life out there to discover if you know where to look!

Nature Tours are offered only in the morning hours at a lower to mid tide level. We go slow and stop very often as we discover things to learn about and observe. We never know what we will find, and we can't guarantee that we will find any of the cool creatures in the photo gallery to the right, but we do our very best to find something each tour. Between stops to look at creatures, we enjoy learning to paddle and take in the scenic beauty of the landscape. We also share Morro Bay's interesting history with our guests. If you love marine life, don't mind getting a little wet, have a science-y side to you, then the Nature Tour is for you!  

As we find and view wildlife, we keep in mind that all mammals are protected by law and we give them the space that they need and deserve. We avoid disturbing shorebirds that are resting or feeding, and we minimize our impact and contact with all living marine creatures that we find. Our hope is that by helping people learn about our marine life, more interest in conservation and preservation will develop.

The Nature Tour can be booked for 4 to 8 guests.

pink sand star under magnifyer lens

The pink sand star is a type of sea star.

Family of six on paddleboards.

Stand up paddling is a fun family event.

White sea slug egg ribbon.

The egg ribbon of the nudibranch sea slug known as the spotted triopha (Triopha maculata).

Small living scallop in hand.

Speckled scallops are found attached to kelp blades.

Hermit crab in a viewing bowl.

Blue band hermit crabs have blue on the legs.

Orange sea cucumber in viewing bowl.

Sea cucumbers common in Morro Bay.

Group of paddlers on paddleboards.

Guests on a Guided Nature Tour visit the kelp forest.








Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.31.28 PM




Located at the previous location of Kayak Horizons!

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Located at the previous location of Kayak Horizons!

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Family of six on paddleboards.

Stand up paddling is a fun family event.