Kayaking in Morro Bay's harbor is a truly memorable experience. The abundance of wildlife, serene landscapes, interesting history makes Morro Bay one of a kind place for paddling. While paddling on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) allows one to more easily see life beneath the water's surface, kayak paddling can be more comfortable than SUP to some people. You'll still see plenty of wildlife in a kayak. Kayaks are a better choice for a group with a wide age range. Kayaks are also better if it's breezy or if there is stronger tidal current. We can put paddlers in single or tandem kayaks, so it's easy to bring children along. Depending on the makeup of your group, you can choose between the choices of tours listed below:

ADVENTURE TOUR (Chance of getting wet: 100%)

This is for the most adventuresome paddlers, as we guide you to Morro Bay's entrance and back. Safety of our guests is always first and foremost, so this tour is booked when conditions allow. Paddlers will be covering about 5 miles round trip, so good physical fitness is necessary. You will also land and relaunch through shorebreak off the west side of the sand spit, so plan to get wet! For most of the year, we will require guests on this tour to wear wetsuits. You can rent a wetsuit from us if you don't have your own. Due to the conditions we may encounter on this tour, we use single rather than tandem kayaks. MUST BE CONFIDENT SWIMMER.

HARBOR TOUR (Chance of getting wet: 20%)

If you want a slow paced and relaxed outing without covering too much distance, this is for you. We keep the distance to about 2 miles round trip. In addition to seeing the California Sea Lions on the floating dock, you'll see otters and shorebirds, as well as get the interesting history of Morro Bay's harbor. Your group can choose single or tandem kayaks.

BACK BAY TOUR (Chance of getting wet: 10%)

The shallow water of the "back bay" is by far the most relaxing place to be in the harbor. Away from boat traffic, the back bay is quiet and peaceful, with plenty of bird life and resting harbor seals. This tour covers roughly 4 miles round trip. We look for rays and other fish, visit the oyster farm, and enjoy the solitude of the shoreline along the sand dunes. This tour is packed with information on local flora and fauna. Your group can choose single or tandem kayaks.

Located at the previous location of Kayak Horizons!

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