Guided Tours

Why Take a Guided Tour?

Guides are familiar with the harbor and know the best float plan for the present conditions!

Morro Bay's harbor can experience dynamic conditions all year around. While it is not a dangerous harbor, the incoming and outgoing tidal currents can be challenging. Afternoon winds are also a factor. Your guide will plan your outing according to wind and tidal current directions for the most enjoyable trip!

Guides provide paddling instruction on the water!

While you may be an accomplished paddler, the others in your group may not be. Your guide can provide instruction to those needing a little help so everyone has an enjoyable experience and returns with added paddling skill. This is especially useful with groups that include youth. Our stand up paddleboard tours are guided by an ASI Certified SUP Instructor and our kayak guides are ACA certified

Your guide helps keep your group together!

We encourage a "Leave no paddler behind" policy. Paddling skill can vary greatly among paddlers in your group. It is not uncommon for someone to need assistance on an outing, especially if your group includes children. This is especially true with stand up paddleboards. Your guide will make sure that everyone stays together. If necessary, your guide can tow slower paddlers back to the main group, or even continue towing if a paddler becomes too tired.

Your guide is a trained nature interpreter and knows where to find interesting creatures! 

Our guides are very familiar with the wildlife and plant life of Morro Bay. Guides are trained biologists or naturalists with marine science backgrounds. Anyone can find a sea otter or seal, but your guide will help find the lesser known creatures that live beneath the surface! You will learn so much about creatures that you may not even know exist. If you want to meet a sea slug or explore animal tracks in the sand dunes, book a guided Nature Tour! Most of the time, this tour is on stand up paddleboards. 

Located at the previous location of Kayak Horizons!

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